Mercury in Scorpio is slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde on October 13th, and coming into square with Uranus. We will be feeling this transit for most of the month, which is speaking to the shadows which must be cleared in order to move into the New Age.

For the SuperNova Soul, these shadows have to do with where we are stuck in old timelines where have been programmed with low self worth. Do you deserve the New Age and to feel better? The higher frequency vibrations are your birthright, your path, your purpose and your destiny. So it is a good time to get this all worked out. Everywhere you don’t feel you deserve to exist in peace, and in your potential, which may be hidden deep in the psyche from past lives, is coming to the surface.

We must re-write these old trauma stories and break down the trap of time. Mars retrograde in square to Saturn and Pluto is pushing us to the edge of our old reality. The nightmare is being revealed, in order for us to heal all false constructs, so we can move into the dream.

Venus says lets clean it all up, and the whole planet while we are at it. Healing and dissolving your timelines brings you into more permission for the glorious present moment. This is also a beautiful gift for the collective consciousness. Venus, our purified Goddess, is waiting for us there in Virgo, harmonizing and stabilizing this potent time of shifting.