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Venus and Mercury both move into the sign of Libra tomorrow. Venus is entering her home sign, and Mercury is retrograding back in. These personal planets are making bookends in Libra, telling us that we are coming to an end of a chapter.

With just one more week of Mercury retrograde, we are turning the corner out of the darkest dark. This is marking an important shift in 2020 Astrology. It is only fitting that Mercury is in square with Saturn, as it is turns direct, keeping us feeling this tension, between the old and the new,for the next two weeks.

Mercury retrograding back into Libra is trying to find harmony and justice. In square to Saturn it’s about coming up agains the laws, rules, contracts and old guard that is keeping us from the peace that Venus, at home in Libra, seeks. We cannot get out of the old chapter without some serious, true justice.

Saturn and Pluto are now separating from their conjunction for good, changing the game on the 2020 energies. Saturn is heading toward a totally different energy as he prepares to enter Aquarius, along side with Jupiter, in December. It’s time to build a new world. And as Mercury square Saturn is saying, it must be a world based on peace and justice.