We are feeling Mars retrograde in square to Jupiter through the weekend. For those with eyes to see, there is a crack in the lower matrix reality. Venus in Virgo, in trine to both Pluto and Saturn, is trying to harmonize the rather traumatic process of the darkness that must be faced, in order to wake up.

Saturn and Pluto are still just a couple of degrees apart for the next few days. Then Saturn will move on, and the epic 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is over for good. Venus in Virgo, the purified feminine is blessing the completion of this union. We are coming to an end of a chapter. For some, it feels like the end of the world. But the SuperNova Soul knows that something much more beautiful lies ahead.

In just over a week, Mercury will turn direct, putting him in square to Saturn for a full week. This is saying that we need a big shift in our perceptual reality, in order to move into the New Age. There is a more and more obvious line being drawn between those that question what we are being fed, and the sheeple who gobble up whatever is put in the feed trough, clinging to it for dear life.

We are in a reality war, and as a SuperNova Soul, your work is to hold your own higher frequency vibration and higher possibilities. Its the only reason you are here, and it is like death to your soul to succumb to the lower matrix at this point. You know it, because it feels horrible.

It is a strange 4d tunnel of dark nightmare, just in time for Scorpio season. But just outside the lower delusions, beyond a very thin veil, the light is expanding exponentially. Put your energy there and let that be your reality.