It’s a mystical, magical time, even if it doesn’t look like it. Beneath the surface of this messed up world, beautiful energies are trying to come in. We must grab a hold of this light and welcome it, during this third and final Jupiter Sextile Neptune over the next couple of weeks.

Mars is in between tense squares with Saturn and Pluto. Reality as we know it is breaking down. The world may look very different, very soon. Venus in Virgo says it’s time to clean up the messes and stabilize in the new energy. Venus will create an Earth trine with Uranus and the planets in Capricorn throughout the month of October. The new dream is much more healthy and clean. It is time to wake up out of this distorted nightmare.

Mercury is slowing down and heading into retrograde on October 13th, bringing Mercury into a square with Uranus that will last for the next few weeks. It is time to reevaluate our thinking, according to the Aquarian Age. With Mercury in Scorpio, dark truths must come to light, if we are ever going to get anywhere. Don’t let the darkness fool you. This is all about the new energies coming in. We are at the precipice of a New Age.