We are in a magical moment of Astrology, reminding us that everything dark that is playing out, is really about the light coming in. We have spent so much time and energy trying to clear and heal the trauma and darkness of the Piscean Age. But in order to move into the future, we must also claim back the Pisces gift of spiritual, mystical revelation,

Jupiter and Neptune are still close in sextile, a sweet backdrop for the dynamic current Astrology. Mars in square to Jupiter, and Venus in trine to Jupiter are telling us that is is time for the light to break through the lower matrix. For the next few days, we are being asked to reach up and grab the light of truth that is cracking through, and invite it to live fully and truly into our heart.

Spiritual revelation can happen in one short moment, and yet create life changing results. Incredible direct experiences of spiritual light were a hallmark of the beginning of the Piscean Age, the birth of Christ Consciousness. But this gift of light has been held hostage under darkness and repression. We must take this opportunity to activate our soul memory of the magical experience of direct spiritual revelation. It is more true, and more real, than any of the old trauma stories. It can happen in an instant, and yet bring undeniable, life changing, spiritual truth. Grab a hold of it. Let the light come in.