Here we are, at a major turning point. Are you ready for a New World? Throughout 2020, SuperNova Souls have been feeling out of step with their future, making it difficult to plan ahead. Perhaps this is because what is coming is outside of our frame of reference. It’s hard to fathom the big expanse of what is out there, from the 3d matrix cage.

With continual retrograde energy since early in the year, the direction forward is elusive. If you have been using this time wisely, you have been going within to find your inner light and permission for peace and higher frequencies. There are so many high vibration, SuperNova beings on the planet right now, about ready to pop. Compared to the numbers of the masses, it only takes a few of us.

If time doesn’t really exist, then New Earth is already here. If nothing is holding us back, then why not go now? It feels so much better there. We are just a few short weeks from a complete change in direction, so use this time to anchor into presence. Buckle up, and get ready for the ride.

A few of us taking full advantage of this shift out of retrograde energy, and anchoring in the divine timeline in our energetic fields, can move this whole ship forward. Be the Fool, at zero-point, a bridge between worlds. Commit yourself to whatever lies ahead that is in highest alignment with the divine timeline. Set your course there, and be ready to go.