Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. With Mars and Mercury, our two main action planets both retrograde, it may feel like we are on a road to nowhere.

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This is exactly the energy of the Mars retrograde. We can’t keep going the way we have been going. It is time for a major shift. We are entering a three week portal of total inaction, in order to reorient ourselves in a new direction. Mercury turns direct on November 3rd. Mars turns direct on November 13th. Mercury exits his retrograde shadow on November 20th.

We are still feeling Mars square Pluto, and beginning to feel Mars square Jupiter. We are trying to crack the code of the old reality and let the light of the new shine in. It is hard to see beyond these next few weeks and elections in the US. Maybe this is because something totally different lies ahead. We must use this time wisely, in order to prepare to shoot off, into the New.

And to add to all of that, we are having an identity crisis. This week, the Sun is squaring up with Jupiter and Pluto, and opposing Mars retrograde. We are not going to get anywhere by being our same old self. Maybe it is a good time to focus on the still, silent place within. Go ahead and give yourself permission to be ‘nobody’, going ‘nowhere’. Settle into this potent portal, knowing you are preparing for a whole new life ahead. Be Nobody, going Nowhere, except back to Source. Let the light of the God Self shine through.