I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for the Scorpio New Moon, Saturday, November 14th, 10am US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here! 

We are feeling a dynamic aspect of Venus in opposition to Mars, both in their home signs. It is a reckoning, as we examine the power of opposite archetypes in setting us free from duality consciousness. Mars and Venus are asking us, can we have individual empowerment, as well as harmony and relationships?

With Jupiter in exact conjunction to Pluto, all that is false is falling away. There’s a point where both sides of the battle wake up, look across to each other, and question why they are fighting. Throughout time, energies of control have sought to keep humanity in battle against each other. Funding both sides of every war, in order to keep us from realizing the oppression of outside control.

But the veil of delusion is wearing thin on this ‘divide and conquer’ agenda. Jupiter and Pluto, both in direct motion, are together for their third and final conjunction. This is like taking a bulldozer of light to the lower matrix. Can you extract yourself from the battle? Can you claim back your moment, your mind? Because it’s time to celebrate together, and rejoice in the light coming in.