We are feeling the powerful energy of the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. The Nodes of the Moon are activated. This is bringing forward the energy of their square to Neptune. The current Astrology is giving us the opportunity to revisit the magical time of the last shift of ages and receive spiritual downloads and revelations. It’s time to dream a new dream.

All year long of 2020, we have been being asked to disconnect from the drama and put our attention on something bigger and greater. The time is now for us to fully commit to shining our light and being in our truth. As crazy as this world is getting, something energetically is feeling better and better. This is New Earth calling you home. If you let yourself get real quiet inside, you can feel that a new hope has arrived.

Mercury, finishing up in Scorpio, is in sextile to Jupiter and Saturn. This month’s epic conjunction of these, our biggest planets is a profound mark in time. This is bringing magical possibiities. We are going through a spiritual ascension. With Neptune square the Nodes of the Moon, the only way forward is to dream and believe and dream some more.

Jupiter and Saturn are only two degrees apart, coming together exact at the middle of the month, when they triumphantly move into the sign of Aquarius, together. They come as close as .1 degree apart on the Solstice. We are making a leap. We are being asked to set our course on the highest high, hold the line, rest up, and enjoy the ride.

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