The Sun has crossed over into Sagittarius bringing a more expansive perspective. Jupiter and Pluto are still close in conjunction, speaking to breaking down, and breaking open to new possibilities. There are exciting horizons ahead, but now is a time for recuperating and recovering from the trauma of 2020. We must rest and prepare to receive the great timeline alignment that is this Eclipse/Solstice Season.

We aren’t quite done with the deep dive, as Venus has just joined Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. It’s time to take a deep breath and go for it. We are being asked to say Yes in a big way to our bigger self. And although it’s not quite time to shoot off ahead, it is time to confirm and affirm, and commit deep in our being to living from the heart of our greatest truth.

Neptune square the Nodes for this Eclipse season is asking us to break free from the nightmare and find the courage to dream again. This Sagittarius energy is asking us to dream bigger than we ever have allowed ourselves before. It’s a vision quest, as we hunker down to energetically prepare for the next chapter of real world building of the New Age. Venus coming into opposition with Uranus is asking us to dig deep to resolve all the old stories that may be keeping us from fully receiving the gifts of who we are in this new paradigm.