Forward motion is returning. Mercury in Libra, getting ready to turn direct tomorrow, is hanging out in square with Saturn for a whole week. This is bringing up tension between the world of harmony we are trying to create, and contractual loyalty arrangements that are getting in the way.

We have been told that we create our own reality. But not, if we are unknowingly, feeding the lower matrix with our precious spiritual light. Authority contracts where we gave our power away, are playing out in our personal and ancestral relationships. We are being shown where our love and loyalty have been misused and abused.

Venus, also in Libra, is in an opposition with Chiron in Aries. This is bringing up wounds from where walking on our true spiritual path, came at the expense of community and relationships.

A new paradigm of relating is coming into view. Imagine a world where love, support, gratitude, and mutual respect is the name of the game in relationships. SuperNova Souls have a desire to lift each other up, and support each other in coming into expression of their star power.

Maybe this is how we build the new world. With Jupiter gaining momentum and careening into its third and final conjunction with Pluto, LOVE is trying to break through. These planets are in exact conjunction from Nov. 8-13, but we will be feeling this influence all month. It is time to break on through to the other side, and let LOVE lead the way.