I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for the Scorpio New Moon, Saturday, November 14th, 10am US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!

Today, Mars turns direct after being retrograde for two months, since September 10th. It is a turning of the tides. Mars, in his home sign of Aries, is about the empowerment of the enlightened spiritual warrior. It is time for the light to stand up and reclaim it’s voice in our world.

This is just in time for tomorrow’s powerful New Moon in Scorpio, as we delve into the darkest dark, in order to come back into the light. This New Moon happens in sextile to Jupiter and Pluto, which have been exactly conjunct for this past week. Venus will be in square to these potent players for this New Moon. We must reveal the dark, and have true spiritual justice, before we can move into the Aquarian Age.

With Saturn and Jupiter getting ready to transit into Aquarius in December, along with Eclipse season, it is time to get on with it. Massive truths, pouring in to our reality, will be rapidly awakening the masses. This will give them an opportunity to see where they have given their power and confidence over to dark agendas, and so they can take it back. Sheep No More.

Mars turning direct says it is time to implement our ‘different way to fight’, by claiming back our spiritual and energetic power from the lower matrix. The empowerment of advanced souls, landing home on Earth, is coming just in time. May the SuperNova lightworker souls rise again, and stand tall as the empowered spiritual warriors they are.