Are you ready for a new reality? Now is the time. Sunday’s Full Moon in Libra happens exactly opposite of the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries. With helpful sextiles, this Full Moon forms a ‘kite’ shape in the sky. It’s time for Lift Off.

I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for this Libra Full Moon, or catch the replay! Sunday, March 28th, 12 Noon US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!

How long have we been waiting on the world to change? It turns out that we are the change we want to see. This Astrology is saying that there is nothing else to wait for. It’s all about allowing ourselves a higher, more true reality in each moment of every day.

The body of the ‘kite’ shape is formed by a Grand Air Trine, speaking of finally lifting up out of the old stories, for good. Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius, are in a sweet trine with the Full Moon. The Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries are leading the way at the top of the kite. This is about claiming our access to life force energy and our full creative expression.

The Full Moon in Libra forms the base of the kite, kind of like a rudder guiding the course. A new relationship paradigm is available, one that is about the magic power of a perfect balance in the alchemy of opposites. Imagine personal relationships that lift you up, instead of hold you down. Empowered relationships can give us the necessary foundation we need, in order to fly into our full expression.

It is time to open our hearts back up to love and learn to fly again. We must break down all of the walls that block SuperNova togetherness and co-creation. An exciting chapter lies ahead. Are you ready to make that leap? Now is the time, your team is calling you. Catch the wind in your sails.