Excitement for the new season is building as the Sun and Venus are getting closer for their exact conjunction this week. They come together from 3-6 degrees Aries and then meet up with Chiron at 8 degrees. It is a rebirth of the sacred divine feminine creation energy as the Sun and Venus just passed over into Aries together. It is time for nothing short of a complete transformation of the feminine identity. A brand new start.

Mars is piping in, as he comes up to the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, and squares up with Mercury in Pisces. We are still trying to make sense of this reality. Mars conjunct the North Node is pointing a way forward. This is about empowering the voice of the enlightened leaders that have been waiting in the wings to lead us into this New Age. Your path of destiny is calling.

There are planets hanging out between 8 and 13 degrees in the signs of Aquarius all the way through Gemini, making a star pattern in the sky. This flower of life geometry, with many dynamic planetary angles, is telling us that this is a very activating time.

All of the planets are involved when you include Jupiter in exact semi-sextile to Neptune at 21 degrees through this week. This transit is like opening a magic door of possibilities. If you play your cards right, you can slip right out of the lower matrix and into a way better reality. 21 degrees says it’s 3-2-1 GO time. Claim every moment of every day, in your own magical way. We are God Consciousness. Time to start acting like it.