The Sun is conjunct Neptune. Venus is catching up and will be coming up to Neptune this weekend. We are feeling the energy of a new start, with this New Moon in Pisces. It is time to claim back the magic into our lives. The stars and planets agree, as we head into the March Equinox and rebirth of the zodiac.

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Mercury will be exiting his retrograde shadow this week, and moving into Pisces early next week, completing his Aquarian retrograde adventure. It was a little bit of a rough go with all of those squares with Black Moon Lilith, forcing us to face all the dark that is keeping us from more light in our lives.

With all this Pisces energy, we are trying to make sense of our reality. The Sun and Venus coming together is saying, it’s time to dream a new one. We are just starting to feel the Sun Venus conjunction which will last close to three weeks. This is shining the light on our feminine side, and offering us a powerful initiation of confidence to shine as who we really are, whole and complete.

The forgotten, shamed, and cast aside parts of all of us are being invited home to heal. A healthy balance of masculine and feminine energies is required for us to move forward in our evolution. When the feminine is honored and valued, the whole world flourishes.

And now, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Venus and the Sun will pass over the the Aries point of rebirth, together. The purified feminine in all of us must take her rightful place on the throne. It’s time to rise again from the ashes of your life, leaving behind all that no longer serves, and step exalted into the light of your true Self.