Venus is now direct, making her way through Gemini for the third time. Did we figure it out yet? Most likely this Venus retrograde has left you with more questions and uncertainty. Venus direct is bringing it all to the surface, telling us what the last few months have been about. We are being shown exactly what has been keeping us in the lower timelines.

Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde, are in exact conjunction, making this Venus retrograde about breaking contracts and ties with the past. Saturn is transiting back into Capricorn, bringing more opportunities to break free from old patterns. Whatever is not helping you, and carrying you into the future, is falling apart.

Mars is happy to be back home in Aries, bringing some fight and fire, and trying to pull us out of the confusion. Mercury and the Sun are in exact conjunction in the womb of Cancer, and in square with Chiron in Aries. It’s an identity crisis, and time to surrender to a rebirth into a more true version of who you are. Something has been missing in your life, and it’s YOU. Welcome the rebirth, and just BREATHE.

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