We are feeling Mercury retrograde, going deep, back into Cancer, now that Venus is coming out of her retrograde cave. Mercury is asking us to re-arrange our relationship to nurturing. SuperNova Souls, in general, are not that great at receiving blessings. This has to do with programmed low self-worth, over lifetimes. SuperNovas have often felt rejected in their light and spiritual energy on the Earth.

But the tables are turning, and it’s our world, now. Jupiter and Pluto sitting exactly together for these next few days, are trying to raise the ceiling of the vibrational matrix. We cannot stay here in the lower energies, and the only way to go is UP. Can you allow yourself to receive your I AM presence, your birthright? Because this is what is being asked of you. You are not here to fix the broken, and play around in the mud, you are here to bring in the NEW.

GAIA DAILY – July 8-10 Video