The energy is building as we move into this Independence Day Capricorn Full Moon. This Full Moon is in trine to Uranus in Taurus. It’s not all about breaking down the past. We are also being asked to build a bridge into the new. The Sun is sextile to Uranus, reminding us that we are the path to the future. It’s time to receive and step into the light of who we really are.

The planets are lining up for us, and ushering us forward. Venus is coming out of the cave of retrograde. We are facing all that has come up over these last months, but also beginning to make sense of it. 

As much as we are being asked to leave the past behind, we are also being encouraged to grab a hold of the hidden mysteries, the gems of what we have learned through the journey. This Astrology is saying that, yes, its a break down, but there are also hidden treasures in the rubble. Take the spoils of the war, get out of the battle, and move on into a new future. Be the TRUTH that this world needs by living in your spiritual light.

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