Mercury and Venus have now both completed their full retrograde cycle. It’s time to head in new directions, but with Venus in square to Neptune, we are still confused. Where are we coming from, and where are we going?

The Mars retrograde cycle will fill the rest of 2020, bringing up frustration about not being be to move and do in the old ways. We have got to find a new ways to create, in order to move into the New Age.

The Venus and Mercury retrograde/Eclipse Season brought a complete overhaul in our life and value system. We might be floundering around a bit while we continue to adjust. It might take a minute to figure out where we are at, as we make this big turn, in this massive shift of ages. 

The current Neptune transits are telling us that there is only one way to go, and one way to get there. Everything is about taking us closer to realizing our God consciousness. Keep your head up. Keep your vibe up. We are getting somewhere.