Venus in exact square to Neptune, for the third time and final time, is taking us back to May, when the first two passes of this transit happened. Perhaps you feel more clear about your life, and perhaps you feel even more confused. Wherever you feel uncertain, it’s certainly because profound shifts are trying to happen in that area of your life.

Maybe just let it all be as it is, finding trust that you are finding your way, using this Jupiter sextile Neptune to find peace in this grand transition. The Venus retrograde showed us where we were delusional about parts of our life. But this transit is asking us to entertain the impossible dream as a certainty of the future. Can you take your wildest fantasy, and live as if it as true today?

Saturn interacting with the Nodes is asking us to point in the opposite direction from where the ‘old you’ was headed. This means if you are totally confused about where you are going, you are probably doing it right. What if it’s not an unattainable dream, but an inevitable reality. Mercury coming into trine with Neptune is adding to the magic. If you can conceive it, you can be it. Time to live the dream.