We are coming to the end of a chapter, as Mercury and Venus complete their time in retrograde shadow. This is when it all starts to make sense, except that with Venus in square to Neptune, we are actually feeling even more confused. Wherever there is a lack of clarity and direction in your life, that means something big is trying to shift.

When you are in the middle of a big change of direction, it’s hard to see around the corner to where you are going. This transit is taking us back to April when we felt the first to hits of Venus in square to Neptune. How far have you come? Or are you just deeper in confusion?

Make the most of the positive energy of Jupiter in exact sextile to Neptune. Remind yourself of the bigger picture, that this is all about creating structures that better support the dream of a new future. Venus in square to Neptune is saying that in order to do that, we must also face the delusions that have been holding us back. 

Venus pops out of retrograde shadow next week, and moves into the sign of Cancer on August 7th. This will take us through a review of the Mercury retrograde Eclipse season issues. August is about sorting it all out, everything that has happened to us in 2020, and preparing for the next leg of the journey. Fortify yourself with light, as you soak up this Leo Sun energy.