Today is our second New Moon in Cancer of 2020. This New Moon happens with the Sun and the Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer, directly opposite Saturn in Capricorn. It’s getting serious, and we are seeing every cord, contract, rope, chain, and string, etc, that is holding us hostage to the dark ages.

With this New Moon and Saturn at the end degrees of their signs, it’s about breaking with the past, and releasing all that holds us back. We are being supported by two sweet sextiles between planets in Earth and Water signs. It’s time to heal, release, and let go…to forgive and move on.

Jupiter and Neptune speak of expanding structures to better support the spiritual dream of what it is that we are really doing here. Mercury and Uranus are saying its about feeling worthy enough to receive our true spiritual self and gifts.

The planets are telling us that a whole new world is possible, as soon as we are willing to shed the past, and step into the light of who we really are.

I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for this Cancer New Moon #2. Monday, July 20th, 11am MDT. $10. Sign up here!