Mercury is now going direct, bringing us out of this confusing and dark, double retrograde season. Mars is hanging out with Chiron as he just turned retrograde. The tide is trying to turn. We are being supported in breaking free from past patterns, as they bloom in our face with this forward motion. This time can be a powerful window of empowerment, supporting us to walk out of the old stories. 

On the surface, it appears that everything in this world is moving away from enlightenment and common sense. But that is not true. We are in a massive spiritual awakening and nothing can stop the light that is coming in. 

The Sun in trine to Neptune is asking us to widen our view of reality. This story has been playing out over eons. We have been working on this project for a very long time. In this potent moment, the intensity of what is playing out in the world is evidence that we are actually getting somewhere. 

GAIA DAILY – July 13-15 Video