Mercury is getting ready to turn direct, drudging up all kinds of intense feelings. Wow, are we really moving forward again? In the sign of Cancer, this motion is sure to bring up any stuck patterns or emotions.

Venus retrograde brought an identity breakdown, breaking us into pieces. Now we have to put ourselves back together, in a whole new way. Venus in relationship to Uranus is telling us that a complete overhaul of our self worth, and values, is on the table.

The Sun coming into exact trine with Neptune is taking our attention out, into the bigger spiritual energies behind all the drama. Where is our place in all of it? We are being asked to remember our path of enlightenment and orient ourselves back to our true spiritual purpose.  It’s a perfect storm as we feel the intensity builds with Mars coming into conjunction with Chiron in Aries.

There is frustration from where we have not been able to be who we really are. The most powerful and precious part of you, lifetime after lifetime, has been silenced. It’s time to break the gag order and fully express your spiritual light and truth. The warrior is within you. This divine masculine activation is an opportunity to pick ourselves up off the battle field, and shoot up, out of the lower matrix.


GAIA DAILY – July 10-13 Video