I hope you can join me for a Capricorn New Moon Activation, Tuesday, Jan. 12th 4pm MST. $10. Sign up here!

It is a time of massive shifting, as we experience the fallout of 2020 and the Greater Conjunction, and Saturn and Jupiter begin to separate. We are feeling the intensity of this event as Mercury crosses over their point of conjunction and moves into the sign of Aquarius. This is bringing home this profound shift of Ages, into our personal life.

All of our personal planets have switched signs this week, saying it is a game changing moment. Mercury is coming into conjunction to Saturn, and together they will be in exact square to Mars in Taurus. Mars will be coming up on Uranus later this month, bringing the energy of revolutionary change around money, value, and substance.

Everything in the sky is saying that we have to make a choice, and choose a lane. Are you on the train of spiritual ascension, or would you like to remain asleep? For you, SuperNova Soul, the choice was made before you came here, since you are here to lead the way. This is when SuperNova Souls begin the reap the rewards of lifetimes of spiritual striving. It’s YOUR world now.

Radical change is required to be able to turn the corner into the New Age. With 12 squaring elements, and every planet involved in the drama, it’s all converging for the upcoming Capricorn New Moon next week. We have come to the edge of the cliff, the old must fall away. We have no choice but to make the grand leap into the New. Lets do it together!