Sun has just passed over Saturn, bringing in the reality of who we need to be in the New Age. Light workers are exhausted and feeling defeated. The world is looking dark and it seems like there has not been any benefit from your lifetimes of hard work. It’s a frustrating time with all these squaring planets, bringing a feeling of ‘are we ever going to get there?’

Maybe it was all a hoax. It’s impossible to say with Neptune in exact square to the Nodes of the Moon. The movie is at peak insanity. But when we get really quiet and go deep within, you KNOW that there is something else happening, something else is available to us.

Energy is building as we head into this Full Moon in Leo. This Full Moon makes a Fixed T-square with a triplet of planets in Aquarius and Taurus. A revolution of wealth, values, and our physical reality, is required in order to move into the Aquarian Age. So where is it? It is getting increasingly uncomfortable for SuperNova Souls as we all seem to be pulled deeper into the lower matrix energies.

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Mercury will be taking a retrograde a few days after this Full Moon. We are all soooready for change, but here we are stuck in the death grip of the false control energies. We are kind of stuck here for the next six weeks or so until this resolves.

Mercury in retrograde in Aquarius is trying to help us understand and instruct us in how to move forward in to the NEW. Hurry up! And wait. Is the name of the game. Try to hunker down and use this atmospheric pressure to break free completely into the God Truth that you are. The Aquarian Age is coming. Nothing can stop it. Don’t let the stagnancy fool you, massive shifting change is under way.