Mars is in conjunction with Uranus, and in exact square with Jupiter. It’s time for the Great Awakening, so what’s taking so long? We are desperately trying to expand beyond our current reality. Tensions are running high as everyday as humanity realizes, more and more, how they have been played as pawns in an evil power game.

With all these squares, the dichotomy between spiritual reality and physical old guard 3d reality is getting painfully clear. It is getting increasingly uncomfortable to be awake and aware. Hold tight, this is your opportunity to come into deeper confidence of your spiritual resistance. You are about to break through.

Mars and Uranus are ready for a revolution. Jupiter says it’s a revelation of light and future possibilities. Frustration mounts as we say, ‘ok lets get on with it’. Something has got to give. This tension is the necessary place we need to be in order to let go of everything that has been holding us back, and break out of the lower matrix for good. So much is happening Astrologically, it’s overwhelming. Make the most of this intense time by using it to breakthrough, and sprout your seed pod. Coming up on this Leo Full Moon, it’s your time to shine.