Expansive Jupiter is in square to Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Tensions are rising, as this Astrology has the makings of a revolution. Mars has been in square to Saturn this last week, bringing a feeling of limitation. Patience is wearing thin with lockdowns and lies. Mars loves freedom and movement, and is ready to fight for it.

Jupiter in Aquarius is urging us to look up and consider new and different possibilities. In Taurus, it’s a revolution of Earth, wealth, and value. Something big is happening. This Astrology is speaking to the necessary changes that must occur, in order for us to move into a new paradigm.

Everyday, our world and news gets more and more strange, and disconnected from any sense of reality. Nothing is adding up or making sense. The house of cards, the lies of 2020, is perfectly poised to come crashing down around us. This Astrology won’t let the perpetrators of the lies get off easy. Mars with Uranus in Taurus is demanding real substance, real truth, and real change.

Saturn and Jupiter, the Greater Conjunction, in square to Uranus, is bringing just that. We will feel Jupiter in square to Uranus through the end of the month. We are already feeling Saturn in square to Uranus, the influence of which will last into July.

Neptune is coming up to its exact square to the Nodes of the Moon, bringing a very eerie and strange feeling. Nothing is as it seems. Indeed, we have been trapped in this matrix for a very long time. And as the walls of the false reality begin to crumble, it can leave us feeling lost and confused. After so long in prison, how can we even imagine something different? With Neptune square the Nodes, our only hope is to dream our way out of this trap.

That is where you come in, SuperNova Soul. It’s time to reach deep down inside of yourself, and claim the light that you are, the only reason why you bothered to come to this Earth. For many years and lifetimes you have been preparing for this moment. It’s time to put your unwavering attention on the magic of what you know is energetically occurring on our planet. Somewhere inside of you, you know that this is a positive shift, leading us into a Golden Age.

The masses are waking up. As we holding this peace and knowing, we are also holding the fabric of reality. This is you, coming into your spiritual wealth. This is how we all move into the new paradigm. Are you ready to stand up for yourself and your precious gifts? The time has come. Welcome to the Great Awakening.