Jupiter is coming into exact square to Uranus and Mars. Mars has just passed over his square with Saturn, activating the Greater Conjunction, and ushering in the New Age. In Aquarius, Jupiter is ready to expand into the new energy and paradigm, but in square to Mars and Uranus, there is tension around our value system. We have accepted so much BS in our world, based on false, fake, ‘face’ value. This Astrology says in order to move this evolution forward, we need real substance. We are seeing behind the curtain of Oz, and through the thin veil of the fake veneer of this reality.

With Neptune coming into exact square with the Nodes of the Moon, it’s really difficult to figure out what is true, and what is delusion. I’ll tell you one thing, what is playing out in the world in media and politics is total illusion. We are watching a movie. What is important to understand right now, is that there are good forces, of actual substance, behind the scenes. For years, this team has been working to break the spell of the satanic cult that has kept humanity as prisoners for thousands of years. They are using their own tool against them. They are using the movie, the delusion, against the delusionists, to break the spells of this great illusion. This is the ‘dissolution’ of the false lower matrix reality.

This means that all the lies must come crashing down. In the coming days and weeks, be prepared to come into awareness of things that will blow your mind. Welcome to the Great Awakening. The spell has been broken, and now we deal with the fallout, as humanity comes into acute awareness of all of the painful and disgusting lies. All must come to the surface, in order for humanity to heal and move forward.

This is where you amazing SuperNova Souls come in. Its time to play your card by using your special talents and skills to hold fast to the greater vibrational truth of what’s really happening. This is a spiritual awakening. By bringing your attention back to the bigger picture this truth, you are playing a very important role. These Uranus transits are showing you, SNS, your true spiritual wealth, and just how powerful you really are.

As much as you can, it’s your job to stay in the vibration of the excitement of what is to come. It’s your time to believe, and know, and hold the faith that what is happening is a biblical, profound, spiritual, revelation. The positive energies of possibility are increasing every day. The best way to support the masses through this dramatic part of the movie, is to let yourself live in the waking dream of the exciting New World that is being birthed right now. You have been working, planning and waiting lifetimes for this moment. Here we are together. We made it. It’s happening!