Venus in Aquarius has just squared up with Uranus in Taurus. Now Venus is approaching Jupiter for a powerful conjunction and square to Black Moon Lilith for this upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday. The Universe is prying open the door, in order to shed light on the darkest corners of our reality.

This New Moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of a new cycle, and Chinese New Year, as we move into the Year of the Metal Ox. Aquarius brings promise, vision, and ideas of something new. But with all of these intense squaring energies, we haven’t been able to enjoy the lighter energies of Aquarius.

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Before starting something new, it is important to clean all the old away. We are in a great Cosmic Cleansing, as this Astrology seeks to expose all shadowy darkness, and bring it into the light. We cannot build a new world on a rotten foundation, and so all must be revealed, and the dark brought into the light.

With all these planets in ‘fixed’ signs, we are trying to establish something new, but we are coming up against deep, dark distortions that are blocking the way. Your presence and attention is a very supportive energy in this great Cosmic Cleanse. You are brave, and have done deep shadow work that has perfectly prepared you for this time.

You are not scared of the dark. You can stand strong in your righteous truth, bathed in the light of your armor of God as we face the scariest part of the movie. Thank you, may profound blessings rain down upon you for your crucial role you are playing in these times. Keep your head up, and keep up the great work.