We have had an intense last week with Mars hanging out with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. Now, Jupiter is coming into square with the dark goddess, and will make three exact conjunctions with her over the next three weeks. The first of these conjunctions happens at this weekend at 11 degrees. Jupiter is shedding light on the darkest corners, of what ever is keeping us from shifting into the New Age.

We are prying open the door of dark truths that need to be exposed in order for us to move forward. As the activating energies increase, we are experiencing a great psychic purge, an extraction of distortions and dis’ease’ that has long plagued humanity. All of us have had to take on this programming, in order to survive this Earth evolution. But the time of great cleansing has begun.

This is fitting as we are approaching the New Moon in Aquarius, and Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rat is coming to a close. For the New Moon next Thursday the 11th, Venus will stand with Jupiter in exact square to Black Moon Lilith. Let the truth be told. Let the righteous rise again in their God power. All must be revealed, in order for the healing to begin.

Venus will be in exact conjunction with Saturn this weekend, demanding the empowerment of the sacred feminine to return in her full healing force to this planet. It is time for the divine feminine healing kraken to be released!