The Sun has moved over into Pisces, trying to take the pressure off of all of this nerve-wracking Aquarian energy. With 5 planets activating these higher frequencies, it’s been quite the overload. But with all of these squares between Aquarius and stubborn Taurus, along with Mercury retrograde, it still feels like we haven’t been getting anywhere.

This weekend is intense with Venus in exact square to Mars in these stuck, fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus. The tension is building. Can you feel the last straw being placed? The tide is beginning to turn as Mercury turns direct tomorrow.

Jupiter is finishing up it’s last square with Black Moon Lilith. We are inviting the light back into our lives, starting with the darkest hidden corners.

Saturn is in exact square with Uranus in these signs, at 7 degrees, a number of great shifting change. The ground is moving under our feet, even if we aren’t tuned in to feel it. The tectonic plates of our reality are moving into place.

Neptune is waking up from a bad dream, as it completes it’s square with the karmic Nodes of the Moon. It is hard to break contracts when you can’t discern reality! This heavy transit, over the last months, has left us feeling in a stupor, as if drugged. It has been making us all feel like just giving up and going home. Indeed Home is calling, we are awakening to the true spiritual Home that is right here in our heart. We are birthing a New Age on Planet Earth.