It’s a big week in Astrology. Imagine that! We are now in the third and final week of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury just passed back over Venus and is now not far from Jupiter, in exact square to Black Moon Lilith at 13 degrees Taurus.

Momentum will return as Mercury turns direct this weekend. Mercury will linger at 11 degrees Aquarius for over a week. The Sabian symbol for this degree is ‘a sudden realization’. With Jupiter in exact square to Black Moon Lilith, the dark is trying to come into the light.

Venus in Aquarius is coming into square with Mars in Taurus, as our feminine and masculine square up in these potent fixed energies. Mars wants to get on with a new value system, and Venus is realizing she has got to get out of the gutter of programmed low self worth, if she is ever going to feel she is deserving of this New Age of Abundance.

We are face to face with the deepest subconscious recesses of self disgust that have been long programmed into humanity. The control energies hope that we never come to realize our direct connection to spiritual energy.

Mars in sextile to Neptune in Pisces is highlighting the origin of dark stories of the persecution of the light that defined the Piscean Age. This transit is saying that nothing short of divine intervention is going to get us out of this mess. The light can’t be persecuted, unless it was strong presence in the first place. The relentless attack of the light only confirms it’s purity and power. It is time to celebrate and draw down this Christ Consciousness into our bodies, and the Earth.

We must open up to the Cosmic Love that is singing down upon us, even though the control energies are trying to be block it on every level. SuperNova Souls, it is up to us to lead the way in remembering that we are that light. It is time for us to live and breathe this truth again. Keep present with the knowledge, prayers and celebration of this light. Nothing can stop what is coming. We are the news now.