Happy Chinese New Year! It feels good to move into New Energy. It’s all hands on deck with every planet involved in this current Astrology. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is backing up to join Venus and Jupiter in square to Black Moon Lilith. We are on a deep dive discovery of all that is keeping us from moving into the New Age. With Jupiter shedding the light on the darkest dark, we are sure to make some explosive discoveries.

With one more week of Mercury retrograde, we are rearranging our psyche, and trying to get a handle on this Aquarian energy. Good luck with that one, as Aquarius is ruled by erratic Uranus, which brings the unexpected. Traditional Saturn doesn’t like that one bit. These planets are coming into exact square this month, the influence of which will last into July. The new vibrations are coming head to head with the old guard.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is trying to help us get our head wrapped around the changes that must come in order for humanity to evolve. Mars in Taurus, in sextile to Neptune in Pisces, is ready to get on with it. Today, the energy is finally right to begin to establish something new and solid, as we celebrate Chinese New Year and move into the stabilizing energies of the Year of the Metal Ox. Happy New Year!