The Sun and Jupiter are still close to each other in Aquarius, and in exact square to Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus for the next few days. In order to expand into our new role in the New Age, we have got to clean up some shadowy messes.

We are all just waiting, on the edge of our seats, for the change that we know must come. But with Mercury now retrograde in Aquarius, its a feeling of being suspended in time between the old, and not yet New.

Jupiter makes three exact squares with Black Moon Lilith this month, in the first, second, and third week of February. All three of these squares happen while Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades back to 11 degrees before turning direct on Feb. 21st.

It may be a strange few weeks. Not that it hasn’t been totally weird already with Neptune in Square to the Nodes for the last three months. Neptune stays within 1 degree of square with the Nodes of the Moon until Feb. 11th.

Venus moves over into Aquarius today, lightening the energy from the intense last year of Capricorn squeeze. February 2021 is about adjusting into new energy. The New Moon in Capricorn happens on Feb. 11th, ringing in Chinese New Year, Year of the Metal Ox, on Feb. 12th. This shift into a new energy for a New Year, couldn’t come soon enough.