Mars is in exact conjunction with Jupiter, and approaching Black Moon Lilith in Aries. The intensity is building at we are already feeling Mars coming into square with Pluto, which we will feel for the next two weeks. 

Mars squares bring up impatience and frustration. With Pluto, we are talking about intense pressure to change. We are feeling the energies shifting, and yet our physical reality is holding on to the old by threads. Things often get uncomfortable before they shift, like the tightness of old skin that is ready to be shed. 

It’s a new path for the feminine, as Venus comes into exact conjunction with the North Node of the Moon. She is completing a four month story of retrograde in Gemini. Perhaps with all this Black Moon Lilith energy and Mars pressure, it is time for her to walk free of shame.

Mercury is also moving into new territory today as it shifts into Leo. Mercury, representing our perspective, is leaving behind the painful journey of the inner realms of it’s retrograde in vulnerable Cancer during Eclipse season. It’s time to Step into the Light.