Mercury is opposing Neptune today. It is time to clear up the delusions and entertain the dream of something better. A dramatic shift in our thinking is required in order to imagine a new and better world.

Venus is opposite of Pluto, showing us what needs to break down in order for our life to better fit who we really are as spiritual beings. Destiny is calling with the South Node on the Galactic Center, but with Venus at the end of Cancer, first we have to face all of where we feel we don’t deserve our bigger spiritual path.

We are feeling frustration with the old worn out control contracts that are still holding us back. Mars in square to Saturn, and now Venus coming into opposition with Saturn, is showing us where we have given our power away and what structures must be dismantled, in order to take it back.

It’s a perfect storm of potent transits pushing us forward and forcing us to make the shift into higher frequencies. But first it has to get uncomfortable enough for us to want to make a change.

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