Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! This is a turning point into the next chapter of 2020. This Full Moon happens in square to Uranus in Taurus, the ruler of Aquarius. This is speaking to us about what needs to shift, in order to move into the New. 

The Moon and Sun make a Fixed T-square with Uranus. We are trying to find new ground in the rising frequencies. Taurus says being able to stabilize in the current energies, is all about whether or not we feel worthy of these higher vibrations. 

Mars is in exact square with Jupiter, trying to expand the structures of our lives to accommodate a more true version of who we are. This is a potent statement, as Mars makes this first of nine dramatic squares with the power player planets in Capricorn. 

Mercury is moving into the sign of Leo, a triumphant exit to it’s retrograde journey in Cancer. And Venus is coming up on the North Node. These are clear signs that it is time for the next phase of the journey.