Mars is in exact square with Saturn for the next few days. We are trying to break free from the dogma, rules, regulations, laws, beliefs and other structures that have been holding us back. Except that most of humanity doesn’t seem to realize they are not free. We are being shown that our prison is our own making.

Throughout time, light workers and SuperNova Souls have been persecuted in the name of laws and rules. Now that the ascension energies are rising, we are all being held down by highly enforced lower matrix technological control energies. And it’s right in our face, or on our face, perhaps, like a mask.

Venus is across from Jupiter and will also oppose Pluto in the next few days. Venus in Cancer wants to rest and receive, to be at peace. But the authoritarian structures just will not let her. This is bringing up everywhere we have given our power away, in order to get our human needs met.

Mars in Aries wants freedom, zest, life force. But these squares to the Cancer/Capricorn planets are saying that freedom comes at a cost. The programming says, go ahead, choose freedom, you will be all alone, on an island. Or perhaps not alive at all. Human survival is dependent on tribe. You must be with the herd, if you want to get fed.

Who are these jokers that we have given our power and life force away to, for so long? Who gave them authority over us? Right under our noses, the technological control energies have taken over all of our resources. Anything we want or need, we have to get through them, and they have a record of it!

But the light is always stronger. It is time to break free and claim back what is rightfully ours. It is beyond time to break down the false control structures, on all levels. It is time to start living like alive humans, sovereign in our own power. A new paradigm awaits, as soon as we step out of the prison gates.