We are entering a potent last week of August, as Mars comes into square with Saturn, and Venus opposes Jupiter and Pluto. Mars, slowing in preparation to turn retrograde, in square to Saturn, is asking us, ‘what is it going to take to build a new world?’

Venus, in opposition to Jupiter and Pluto, is saying, ‘only a complete overhaul of your reality, value system, and beliefs!’ It feels like we have gone off the rails, but haven’t yet found the right track to get back going again. It’s like we are stuck in this timeline, until we run the vehicle out of gas. This is the the story of the rest of 2020.

Perhaps it is about realizing that we don’t actually need the rails, or the fuel, as those are old paradigm structures. It’s up to each of us individually to decide when we are ready to jump ship, to a more optimal timeline, and start playing in the new reality.