It’s feeling strange as Mars, our main action planet, slows down, preparing to turn retrograde on September 9th. Are we coming, or going? Or stuck in between? Next week, Mars will square up with Saturn in Capricorn, our other main action planet. We are coming face to face with structures, contracts, and beliefs that have been holding us back.

The South Node on the Galactic Center is bringing up grief around where we haven’t been able to fulfill our destiny. This is triggering uncomfortable feelings for the SuperNova Soul and highlighting wherever we do not feel fulfilled in our path and purpose. It’s like the Venus retrograde never ended, as we grapple around for some sort of meaningful direction.

Venus is opposing Jupiter and Pluto next week, bringing up the issues of loss of direction, and loss of connection to ‘home’. It’s time to build new structures that better support the SuperNova to fully thrive, and arrive, home on Earth.