I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for the Leo New Moon. Tuesday, August 18th, 7pm MDT. $20. Sign up here!

We are in a super activating time as we come into the Leo New Moon energies. Today, Mercury is in exact conjunction with the Sun, and in trine to Mars in Aries. We are being given an opportunity to step into a whole new level of expression of the truth of who we are.

This Astrology is all about the light, but an influx of light also reveals the darkness. The Sun and Mercury are also in trine to Black Moon Lilith. This is showing us that there are deep dark secrets, and distortions of mis-placed shame, that have left us in the dark.

This programming keeps us playing small as we continue to give our power away. It is time for humanity to step into their power and claim freedom from the lower matrix control energies. This starts with each of us individually. Are you ready to step into the light?