The Sun and Mercury are coming together in Leo, asking us what it’s going to take to shine the light of our truth. The Sun and Mercury are making a trine with Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries, in square to Pluto. This is saying that it may well be programmed shame that is holding us back from our full expression.

It’s like we are being given a choice between either staying victimized and in the gutter, or stepping fully into the light of empowerment. There is no in between. This is bringing an uncomfortable feeling of being stuck, lost between timelines, as we brace ourselves for the ego death and total destruction of our past and false beliefs. There is grief in this inevitability, as no matter how destined and bright the future, still there is something we must leave behind. 

Venus coming into a square with Chiron is bringing up programmed shame that has been on the table with these Black Moon Lilith transits. With Venus in Cancer, our feminine side just wants to rest, recover and receive. But she keeps finding herself back in the dungeon. But if you lift your head you can see that there is a crack of light shining through.