Mars and Black Moon Lilith are in square to Pluto, bringing light to exactly what needs to shift in order for us to move forward. The darkness must be revealed and healed, if we are ever going to get anywhere. When the structures of our life are mostly all based on lies and begin to fall away, it’s like free-fall. Who are you anyway?

Take your ego death and run with it, is the message from Mars. We can no longer stay in the shadows of denial and darkness, it’s time to step on to our true path and be who we really are. For so long we have been straddling timelines of the past and future, and now it’s time to be deliberate in our choices. We must take this potent opportunity to break down all that is in the way, step onto our optimal timeline, and into the full expression of who we are. 

We are being supported by the Sun in trine to Black Moon Lilith. The shadows are only scary while they are still in the dark. It’s time see clearly and allow ourselves to be released from all that has been hidden and holding us back.