Whatever structures of your life that have been hanging by a thread, it is time to let them go. Mars in square to Pluto says, now is the time to make a change. Even when changes are good and exciting, there is still a letting process.

Even the most positive changes bring grief. We tend to hold on for too long to toxic patterns, because we fear being without it. As a planet, we are clinging to old worn out dysfunctional beliefs, because it feels safer than the unknown. 

But these Mars transits are saying it is high time to let go. Humans have a tendency to cling, for dear life, to what they know. This trait has caused humanity to be exploited again and again. Luckily, we have Pluto to the rescue. 

Pluto has a way of breaking down whatever needs to go. Everything that is not working for you and supporting your highest expression, is up for review in this Mars retrograde. But even if you see clearly what is not working, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to move on. We are in a time of rapid shifting and these transits are bringing up growing pains.