The Mercury Retrograde cycle may have us feeling a little muddled about where we are headed.  Mercury caught up to the Sun in Aquarius at the end of January, signaling that the time we are in is about clarifying who we are in the Aquarian Age. Mercury is about ideas and understanding. We are being bombarded with so much cosmic information right now. Many are feeling total confusion and lack of direction. Much of what we are realizing about the New Age is what we can’t take with us. 2015 has powerful impulses for dropping what is no longer serving you in your life and and choosing a different path.divided path

The 7th and last aspect of the Pluto Uranus Square happens next month. This is the key astrology of our time and is centered around the theme of sudden and dramatic changes to the structures of our lives. This aspect is the gateway into the Aquarian Age. The Pluto Uranus Square is a continuation of a cycle that started in the mid-60s with these planets in conjunction, said to bring impulses of increased awareness of social justice and humanitarian ideals.60s

Powerful spiritual impulses, or a ‘divine timeline’, was attempting to come in the late 60’s. This was interrupted by the assassination of key people, violent push back against social protests, as well as the detonation of nuclear weapons. Now this timeline descends again, marking the time as ripe to leap onto an entirely new parallel reality that is more appropriate to who we really are. Now it is time for our outer reality to begin to reflect the changes that have been happening on other levels and behind the scenes. This is a welcome adjustment, after the last few years of deep internal shifting with Saturn in Scorpio.

If time has been feeling strange, that is because the asteroid Chiron is figuring very prominently. Chiron, the ‘wounded-healer’ or ‘repressed shaman’ has a strange unpredictable orbit and is associated with time distortion. Put Chiron, powerfully aspected, in the collective ‘sea of consciousness’ sign of Pisces, and it can end up feeling very otherworldly.mist on water

There is no choice but to sink in and watch the mists form on the water. This is a good thing. The mists are forming and time is getting weird because at this precise moment in history we are having an opportunity to Jump onto a more appropriate timeline path and head in a whole new direction.

Mars is anxious to get going on rebuilding this new world. It is full speed ahead for Mars in 2015, as it does not have a retrograde cycle this year. But Mars in Pisces is a contemplative dreamer and Mercury re-tracing his steps makes it not a great time for decisive action. The votes are still coming in on how to move forward in the Age of Aquarius.

We are receiving important updates and downloads to help us in this shift. Pay very close attention. Everything has meaning in this powerful time. It is a great time for meditating and thinking things through, but not a great time for action until after the New Moon on the 18th. Mars moves into it’s home sign of fiery Aries on the 20th which will get things moving again. The February 18 New Moon on the heels of Mercury turning direct, marks a particularly good time to start something new, take action on a future goal, and catapult yourself into a vision of the future.

This two week time period is when Comet LoveJoy is most easily seen in the sky. Comet C/2014 Q2 LoveJoy is the 5th comet discovered by Australian amateur Terry Lovejoy. It reached its closest point to the Sun on January 30th. LoveJoy can be seen with a weak telescope or binoculars as a green tinged cloud in the sky near Pleiades, seen most easily after the full moon (Feb. 3rd) begins to wane.lovejoy

Comets are like concentrated thought forms and new impulses that travel into our realm to bring messages to activate our Sun, which then in turn activates us. 2015 is the year for harmonious union of opposites, with three conjunctions of Venus and Mars, our ‘female’ and ‘male’ planets. LoveJoy speaks true to it’s name as it heralds the return of the love revolution and divine timeline that could not completely land in the 60s.

Venus and Mars come together for the first time on February 22nd, right next to asteroids Chiron and Psyche in Pisces, bringing forward opportunities for healing deep pain from the past. Psyche is the asteroid that rules soul mates. Unlike the common flowery view of soul mates, Psyche highlights how they are sure to bring the most profound lessons and therefore often the greatest feelings of loss and pain. We must release the wounded-ness of the past in order to move into the future. The North Node of the Moon in Libra, the sign of relationships, makes 2015 about finding new direction in navigating karmic relationships. LoveJoy, Venus and Mars, The Year of the Sheep, and Pallas Athene all speak to a new way, like….how about harmonious growth from exciting and joyful co-collaboration?sheep goat

The Full Moon on Feb. 3 especially activates the Aquarius Leo Axis of self-authority and leadership.  Full in Leo, sandwiched between two Aquarius New Moons, the Full Moon happens on February 3rd when it makes a grand fire trine with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in Aries and Pallas Athene, asteroid warrior goddess, in Sagittarius. The fire trine makes this moon cycle about our revolution in our identity in the New Age and activates archetypal energies of the ‘child leader’ and the ‘warrior goddess’ as well as themes of play, celebration, excitement, spark, expression, new beginnings, social justice, and diplomacy.8877970-red-moon-night

From mid-February to mid-March, we will be feeling the YOD formation between Jupiter in Leo, Pluto in Capricorn, and Chiron in Pisces. This brings an impulse of support for the coming forward of new spiritual and humanitarian. The YOD is an invitation to come into our own individual spiritual authority by integrating our shadow and painful past into a bright new future. This Spring is ripe for a re-organization of structures necessary to allow these leaders to shine.

Saturn, now in Sagittarius, wants us to get to work on manifesting our dreams and new spiritual understanding in a concrete way, as mid-month it comes close to square with Neptune in Pisces. Venus, also in Pisces, squares Saturn and conjuncts Neptune at the beginning of the month. This dance is about the coming love revolution that is needed to awaken the dreams lying latent in our collective consciousness: This planetary evolution as an epic dream come true?

Saturn in Sagittarius is activating a whole generation of dreamers that may have fallen asleep to their deepest passions in a world that could not support them. We are now having an opportunity re-awaken to the dream and align our selves and our planet with the highest path of destiny.The-Awakening-Dream

Aspects to Chiron and Psyche in Pisces are helping us to release the pain of the past age and Saturn squaring the whole story is saying okay, lets get to work then. To do that we need to begin by pointing in the direction of our most amazing life. Yes, your dreams can come true. And according to quantum mechanics and the illusion of this time-space reality, they already have come true. So isn’t it time to set out on that road of that epic adventure? Isn’t it time to step out of the horror story and into the fairy tale?hero

We have a hero coming forward of this epic adventure and that is you. You are being activated into your soul blueprint, to become sovereign ruler of your own reality. The Jupiter in Leo YOD  speaks of an epic heroic adventure. Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two years is saying lets get serious about this. It is time to get to work on dreaming big and bringing those dreams into concrete reality.ducks in a row

So get your ducks in a row and point where you want to go. Have the courage to take a leap onto the unknown future of a more appropriate feeling timeline. Take Venus’ lead and start making the most of this adventure by loving this adventure.  What epic story will you write for your life?

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