Untitled design (1)This Summer 2017 Eclipse Season is an opportunity to step into a portal into your most amazing life. The universe is supporting us in a complete release of programming and conditioning and a gateway to jump on our most optimal personal timeline. Our individual willingness to take this leap can have a huge effect in the collective consciousness.peaceful revolution

With the North Node in Leo, our path forward is in the expression of our own unique divine gifts. It is the end of playing small. The world needs your light more than ever. So many soul-spirits are walking this Earth, frustrated and in despair about not being able to actualize their potential. But now the time has come to be released from this program of victimhood.personal power

All of us have given over our power and most precious vibrational energy in order to survive. But the abundance we seek is actually found within. When we find the confidence and strength to unleash our gifts and give them generously to the world, it’s win-win. You have an amazing life worth living, and the world is a better place.

Leo rules creative energy, confidence, and expression. It’s the King or Queen within. That means it is time to take back our power and start living the lives we were meant to live. This is the life we dreamed of before our incarnation as starseeds to assist in the spiritual evolution of this planet. We have been targeted with programming, disease, and trauma, but we are so much stronger than all that. We are the light of the Universe and it is time to hear us Roar!leo lion

Mars moves into Leo on July 20th, the Sun follows on July 22nd. Eclipse season officially begins on July 23rd, the first New Moon in Leo, at 0 degrees, on July 23rd. Mars and the Sun stay close together, first in Cancer and then into Leo, for about a month. Take daily action to affirm the life you desire, a life of full creative expression. Make a small, but affirming and validating step each day as a way to nurture yourself into this powerful self-expression and prepare you to step through the portal of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on Aug. 21st.

Jupiter is making an exact square to Pluto on August 8th, but we will be feeling this strong through the whole eclipse cycle. There is tension around growing harmony and the old structures of authoritarian belief systems and historical and societal programming that has been holding us back.

Take advantage of this powerful time in history to jump on your optimal timeline. Let all of your lifetimes stories snap back into place. Make sure to join me for the Live Activations for these New and Full Moons to tap into the powerful energy of the moment. Activations are live even on the replay, the energy of the time encoded into the recording.

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Key Dates for Eclipse Season Summer 2017
July 20 Mars moves into Leo
July 21 Mercury conjuncts North Node
July 22 Sun moves into Leo
July 23 1st New Moon in Leo-0 degrees
July 24 Mercury trines Uranus
July 26 Mercury moves into Virgo (Rx Aug. 12th, returns to Leo Aug 31)
Aug 4 Jupiter Squares Pluto (but feeling from 7/15-8/20)
Aug 7 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius
Aug 16 Sun conjuncts North Node
Aug 15-24 Venus in Cancer triggers Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter T-Square
Aug 21 New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 28 degrees Leo
Aug 21 Moon and Sun trine Uranus
Aug 26 Sun conjunct Mercury
Aug 26 Saturn turns direct
Aug 27 Mars conjuncts North Node
Sept 3 Mercury conjuncts Mars
Sept 5 Mercury turns Direct
Sept 6 Full Moon 13 degrees Pisces