December starts off fiery with a whole bunch of planets in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius energy in the first half of December is supporting an expansive view and big dreams. Sagittarius is the ‘out there’ sign which may allow us to peek our head above the clouds and get a little perspective on this intense astrology of November and December.

The full moon on the 6th is really powerful because Chrion in Pisces makes a T-square with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini full moon. Chiron is the ‘wounded-healer’ and being in Pisces until 2018, marks the era of time we are in…which is ‘in between time’. We are in the thick of it. We cannot go back to the old way and yet we are unsure where we are going. Chiron is shedding light on what has not yet been healed that may be holding us back.chironwounded-1

Chiron is about ‘bringing into consciousness’.  So all that healing we have been doing? All the difficulties we have been facing over the last years…Now is the time to understand.  This is especially punctuated by Mercury’s alignment with the Sun. The winged messenger is on board for this grand revealing as well. Mercury is the big player this month as it trines Uranus on Dec. 5th.  ‘We need more information!’ it says to us, what in the world is this Aquarian energy about? Mercury trines Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius on 12/12…a very auspicious day.  Do something really fun to celebrate what you really love, setting a strong intention of bringing that more fully into your life.celebrate light

Tune into the messages around the middle of the month. Mercury the messenger, in cohorts with Chiron, is not whispering, but yelling in our ear the information we have been missing. We would do best to pay attention. This will feel good, like finally moving forward after being stuck in the eddy for so long. It is clear that the old is no longer working and falling apart at the seams but are we really ready to leap into the New Age of Aquarius? The wounds of the past Age must be healed before we can move forward and Chiron is demanding this of us as well as the Pluto Uranus Square that is exact on Dec. 14th.eddy

The Winter Solstice on the 21st also speaks to this with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, going direct after having been retrograde since July.  Uranus’ forward motion can’t help but launch us with lightning speed into the New. We are two years since the ‘end of the world’, Solstice 2012.  What has happened? Where are we now? The Sun and moon moving together into Capricorn for a New Moon Solstice while Uranus turns direct, tells us something about the upcoming year. We are taking one big leap into the Age of Aquarius.

We are really feeling this 6th exact of the Pluto-Uranus Square for the entire month. Uranus turning direct then stretches out the square of these planets, allowing them to stay close to 90 degrees from each other until May of 2015. This is the shift. The new world coming.

Mercury and Venus also move into Capricorn this month as these personal planets stay close tag team, as first Venus, then Mercury and then the Sun move into Capricorn. That means later in the month, and in Jan for the Sun, all of these planets visit Pluto the ‘destroyer’ in Capricorn and make a square to Uranus.  These planets crossing over Pluto in Capricorn one after another is really going to allow us to examine with a critical eye what structures of our lives are no longer serving us. Our individual realities are getting a shakedown as we figure out what we get to take with us into the new and what must be left behind before we can go anywhere at all.Catching the train

Mars moves into Aquarius this month, giving some umph to this process, saying lets go people! Let’s forge ahead into the NEW! What in the hell are you waiting for?!? And indeed that is the dance the planets are in.  No one will be left untouched by the current revolution, whether it is showing itself in your outer life yet, or not.

We have plenty to occupy us in our individual revolution as these planets conjunct Pluto and square Uranus: Venus on the 20th, Mercury on the 24th and the Sun on Jan. 4th. This is the energy bringing us into the New Year. And Mars in Aquarius asks us if we are brave enough to leap off into the unknown new paradigm and create something new?dream tunnel

The day before the Solstice, Venus is in the dance…Love…we can remember the love and peace of the late 60s when Pluto and Uranus were together in the sign of Virgo, bringing influences that completely changed our social structure.  This time the revolution is within, but that doesn’t mean that love is not in the equation. It is time to have free love towards yourself, to help push you over the threshold into new possibility. We have been traversing shadowy territory and if you haven’t found a new sense of self-love, December 2014 is the perfect time. Venus is telling us it is that is the next neccessary step to leave behind whatever has been weighing you down. Forgive yourself! Resolve to drop that shit and move on.

Something really powerful that we have been waiting for happens a few days after the Solstice.  Saturn, ruler of Capricorn moves into Sagittarius about two years in Scorpio….karma planet traversing the underworld.  It has been a bit, I mean, very sticky at times as we have been led into the underbelly of our consciousness and called to excavate deep within, what we probably, left to our own devices would have like to just keep there, hidden in the dark forever…But Saturn in Scorpio would not let us get away with it. We have been forced to deal with our most avoided issues.

Now that Saturn is moving into Sagittarius, we can make work of our dreams.  Get down to the dirty business of expanding our awareness and getting fired up about our future. It is a very different energy.  And those of us who in recent times bravely faced that scary shadow parts inside, will be rewarded with a breath of fresh air and new perspective on life. Saturn is stationed at 0 degrees Sagittarius as we move into the 2015…another validation that we are truly and finally embarking on a new earth paradise

So for the individual and the collective, small and large organizations, that is the name of the game in 2015.  Understanding the truth of the past so we can move forward in a new way.  Inner truths and outer truths will be revealed which may make life look very different from what it does now, or what you expect it might look like, by the end of next year.

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Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Visionary offering support for shifting through Astrological updates, Intuitive Courses, and Individual Healing Sessions. As a trained Psychic and Classical Homeopath, Adrienne offers highly effective tools to assist in healing and spiritual growth. Adrienne is a trained Waldorf Teacher, Singer/Songwriter and Creator of PORTAL Music Festival, Montana’s Transformational Festival.