August brings a great culmination of the 2016 Astrology. We are feeling Mars direct and he returns to Sagittarius early in the Month. With the Sun in Leo we will feel a lightening of the energy.

Mars leaves the retrograde shadow, returning to 8 degrees Sagittarius on Aug. 21. Saturn and Mars are our main action planets, but each in different ways. Mars wants to be a warrior about it and push it through and Saturn wants to plan and go methodically, with a solid foundation. Saturn turns direct this month and then these powerful action planets finally come together, squaring up strongly with Neptune in Pisces. Our collectively agreed upon delusions are what has been keeping us moving forward in manifesting our new world and Re-birthing humanity.

This is telling us to continue to be vigilant to the Truth albeit constantly changing…to be flexible to the rapid fire changes happening within and around us. Willing to adjust at the drop of the hat because far from knowing the future, it is more important to know the future could be more amazing than we can even imagine, if we can let go, surrender and not know exactly right now. It’s more important to feel a resonance with what is happening in your life than to try to plan exactly how you want it to be. We are changing too fast to keep up with it.

This might feel frantic, like time is speeding up. That was one nice thing about the stuck energy of Mars Rx. But now we are moving again, and really moving. But know that time is becoming more and more of a constraint to give you the opportunity to surrender completely and release the illusion of time. It feels frantic and too fast right before you adjust into a new dimensional reality. Here, the opportunity to win your life back from time,comes from claiming your NOW. It’s all you really have, after all. LET ALL GO THAT DOES NOT ALIGN WITH YOUR NOW. Your spiritual peace is your new solid foundation, a hectic schedule was just a distraction making you feel like you were doing it right. But now it’s all wrong. Let it go.

We are in such a shift, humanity, that we have no foundation of Truth. We are at a loss for what the f*&^ is going on??!? We are in the birth canal and its dark and we can’t see. Does the caterpillar know it’s growing wings? We are trying to re-birth ourselves with all this Virgo energy. This month the Sun, Mercury, Venus, North Node, and Jupiter all visit Virgo. The Virgin is asking us to clean up, separate the truth from the lies and re-birth ourselves in a new, pure way…in alignment with the Goddess. butterfly

Mercury has been chasing the Goddess Venus and finally catches up to her at the end of the month. At the same time they both conjunct Jupiter and make a powerful square to Chiron in Pisces. What do we need to clean up? The treachery of the past Age of Pisces. Where are each of us individually still playing out deceit, sabotage, competition, abuse, domination, torture, war and struggle? It is up to each of us to divest ourselves from these hard-warn patterns and free ourselves from the past. We are healing the collective, by each of us individually deciding to no longer play the game. It is big, hard work to go up against this false paradigm, but it can’t last much longer, the fabric of this reality is wearing at the seams.fabric of reality

We have been through so much shifting, but its important to note that dimensional and energetic shifts are invisible…at least at first. We are just beginning to see the outward manifestations of all of the dramatic shifts that have been happening on other levels since 2012. This is beautifully demonstrated by Saturn and Mars finally coming together after a year-long dance. Mars came within 7 degrees of Saturn before turning retrograde on April 17th. This month, just after completing it’s retrograde shadow and returning to 8 degrees Sagittarius, Mars finally comes together with Saturn. Raw action and planned action are ready to work together. It is time to bring these internal changes into outward manifestation…but what exactly does that mean?earth fabric

We still don’t know exactly, but we are beginning to get clues. All these planets in Virgo squaring Chiron has made it clear we need to clean up, our wounds that is, and our destructive beliefs based on the past. The Goddess is important with three Mercury Retrogrades in Earth signs this year.  Mars has been impotent and de-masculated, but only to re-orient it’s relationship to the Goddess. We need to come back into alignment with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.rebirth of humanity

Mars and Saturn coming together want us to start a new path, but by doing it right. What is right? Well we don’t know exactly, but it has to be in alignment with the Truth of who we really are as spiritual beings. Forward motion is about building a solid foundation of Truth of humanity as an expression of a greater whole, of source, of God. We are God, and Virgo is saying it’s time to start acting like it. There is great energy for projects that are in alignment with our spiritual truth coming together like magic this Fall and into 2017. yellow brick road

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher in Missoula, Montana. Contact her for your individual Intuitive Reading or for more information about Intuitive Training.