We are working our way through the trenches of past relationship pain as Venus continues her retrograde in the sign of Leo, asking us what do we really love, what do we really want, what really will make us happy? Leo wants to express love but Venus retrograde pulls us inward to the most vulnerable inner landscape. This makes August 2015 an ideal time to express self-love. Be gentle with yourself and others during this highly sensitive time. We are all going through it.

While Venus sojourns back into Leo from Virgo, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are making their way in the opposite direction, forward over this powerful Leo/Virgo cusp. Jupiter has been in Leo for over a year, so this is a big deal. We are expanding into the health and healing we need to really express the truth of who we are in this world, while Venus says, ‘Wait a minute? What is it that I really want? What will really make me happy?venusrossetti

Mercury and the Sun opposing Neptune and then Chiron are making us question what it is we really want, in relation to painful experiences of the past. We may realize that what we thought we always wanted, wasn’t it at all in the end. Illusions from the past often show up during Venus retrograde, making sure that all ties are cut to past partners. This is particularly important, as we are clearing our lives in preparation for relationships that are more supportive of the truth of who we are.harmonics_venus

This retrograde cycle allows Venus an extended stay in Leo. This is the apex of the 2015 Astrology. Venus turns direct on September 7th but remains in Leo until October 9th. Even though we may be feeling vulnerable and uncertain in relationships right now, we are being set up for magical healings, unions and re-unions with two Venus/Mars conjunctions this Fall (Sept. 1 and Nov. 1). There is great energy for starting a new long-term, deep soul relationships…be it intimate, friendship, or business partnerships.loving couple

Mid-retrograde, Venus trines up with Uranus in Aries, begging the questions who am I really? Who am I becoming? And what does it mean to tend to my individual soul/spiritual needs? Venus in Leo gives us the umph of confidence, although with the retrograde coupled strangely with intense vulnerability, to express the truth of who we really are. We are being encouraged to release past pain in order to be able to open our hearts to all of the gifts and abundance of the universe.

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There are a ton of planetary aspects happening all month long:

August 3rd-9th: The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter remain in Leo this week. Venus and Mercury come together to ask us to ponder what it is we really want, what it is we really love, and care about most. Leo wants to express love but Venus moving deeper into retrograde can leave us feeling raw and vulnerable, tears may brim on the horizon. This is the Lion’s Gate Portal. Hearts are breaking open and freeing themselves into True Universal Unconditional Love and Trust.

Venus and Mercury also come up upon Jupiter and together they all make a square to Saturn. This is the argument against what is possible. This is the tension between dreams and reality and it all focuses around our love and understanding of who we really are. Structures of our lives continually get challenged as to whether they are really serving the truth of our deeper self.

August 10th-17th: Venus and the Sun, and now Mars, remain in Leo while Jupiter and Mercury cross over in to Virgo. Mercury makes an opposition to Neptune, again asking us to re-evaluate reality. Mercury also trines up with Pluto, harmonizing the death and rebirth process that is trying to take place in the structures of our lives. Take the new understanding this year has brought and let it wash away, everything that is no longer serving, now that you are seeing more clearly.

August 18th-25th: The same planets remain in Leo (Sun, Venus, Mars) and Virgo (Mercury, Jupiter).Venus trines up with Uranus, harmonizing our shifting identity, and bringing inward self-compassion that is necessary here in the depths of the Venus retrograde. Mercury opposing Chiron is asking us to re-evaluate the concept of ‘wounded-healer’.

Much support for deep healing of core issues around how we express love comes along with the powerful inward journey of Venus. How do we express and receive love? Pain and trauma of the past can create a twisted belief that love is supposed to be painful and hurt, keeping us in loops of abuser and abused. Venus wants us to see that when we can release the painful programming of the past, we can come to see that TRUE LOVE DOESNT HURT. Because it is abundant in it’s true nature, as are we. No one can ever take that away.100percent-pure-love

The Sun trines up with Uranus as we gain inner confidence to speak and express our truth, our vulnerability. When you are hurting in your heart, it feels vulnerable and scary, but it is actually the source of the greatest strength and joy. We are being encouraged to move through the fear and pain, back into trust again. The Sun also comes up with Jupiter (expansion, luck, dreams) and they square Saturn (contraction, rules, reality). Time to come down to Earth, as these planets move into Virgo, and begin to nurture the seeds that have been planted, to begin to build the new structures that can really support us.

August 26th-31st: The Sun has now joined Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury moves into Libra on the 28th. Venus and Mars remain in Leo, the highlight of this week their conjunction. This Fall the energy is ripe to fall in love… but things may feel uncertain within until Venus completes it’s retrograde cycle on September 7th. The healing effects of this time may last until Venus comes out of shadow and returns to it’s pre-retrograde position mid-October.

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